When I got her call,

I could feel the excitement through the phone when this first-time mama and I had our pre-session consultation. There was such joy in her voice! 

I arrived at the session, stepped out of the car into the frigid air and realized that I had such tunnel vision making sure the session was going to be perfect that I had completely forgotten my jacket. And not only did I not have a jacket, I was just wearing a plain cotton tee shirt and ripped jeans. Ha! I felt so much regret. 

But when I saw that mama-and-daddy-to-be step out of their car and I saw those big smiles, I really quickly forgot how cold I was. 

windswept maternity portrait on the beach in black and white in norfolk, virginia

The tide was pretty high and it was really windy. Our normally calm bay was rolling with white capped waves. 

Don't worry, I told the mama. 

This windswept look will be beautiful. Let's just go with it. Trust me. 

And I pulled out a lens that gives a really special, soft, dreamlike effect. I knew exactly in that moment what I wanted these images to look like. 

black and white portrait of pregnant belly with sea grass shadow in norfolk, virginia beach

But in the end...

The bright sun, forceful wind, and restless waves made for beautifully unique photographs full of texture and life. Although cold and without a jacket, I wouldn't have traded this artistic maternity session for anything. 

​It really was perfect. 

I think in a lot of ways, if we embrace what we perceive to be imperfect conditions, we will find out that the result is so much more than we ever expected. Life is too short for boring, know what I mean? If this is something that speaks to you and you've got a little baby on the way, let's talk about what a session could look like for you and how we can celebrate your journey to motherhood.