You're on the hunt for a family photographer and there's a million choices out there, right? I'm sure it can be really overwhelming. I'm going to give you 5 reasons you shouldn't hire me as your photographer... but stick around til the end, you'll see that maybe, we might actually be a good fit!

mom playing with todder on the couch in their home in chesapeake, virginia
  1. If you want polished, traditional poses for your family photos. I specialize in unposed, documentary photography. You won't get those stiffly posed pictures with me- my photographs are unscripted and story driven. I won't be telling you what to do. To read about what it's like to have a shoot with me, check out this blog so you can see what to expect. It's not as awkward as it sounds, I promise. It's actually really fun and relaxed!
  2. If you don't love detail shots. One of the aspects I really love about photography is the details that make up a person or place (like your home). I think these little things are going to be really, really freaking important as the years go by. 
  3. If you want a mini session. Mini Sessions are usually a hard pass for me. I will every once in a while do a "front porch mini session", but for the most part you won't see me offering them. They stress me out and don't give me the time I need to be creative. And it's just not fair to you to hire me to photograph you if I am not inspired. 
  4. If you don't want a fairly personal experience. I love to be a part of your family for a day. I want to get to know you, form a relationship with you. I want to be friends long after our session. Heck, there's mama's out there that I text on the regular after our session! (meme war anyone?!) I couldn't imagine not creating a personal experience for my clients. 
  5. If you prioritize price over value. I fully, completely, and totally understand having a budget and the importance of sticking to that budget. Truly. I price competitively, but accordingly. I offer a unique, customized experience that you won't get anywhere else. The great thing is, I offer incredibly flexible payment plans- just ask about them. I can't help if I don't know. 

girl walking on log with a beam of sunlight on her face in suffolk, virginia


if you DO want all of these things and you value a personalized, stress-free experience, you want to hang out in your own spaces all day (possibly even in your pajamas), and let me make photographs of your everyday- then you're in luck because I am your gal!


Send me a message mama and I'll get right back to you with all the deets about the session.