What is a day in the life session?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see your daily life through someone else's eyes? It can be a really amazing experience. I offer Day in the Life Sessions in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area (and beyond!). This allows me to spend 8 hours- or more- with a family and to artfully document their daily life. This lets me have the time to get to know you, figure out what's important to you, and to gain your trust. I'm not there to judge you or your house or your parenting style or lifestyle. I'm there to tell the story that is unfolding in front of me. 

Why would you want this type of session? Well, I'm glad you asked because...

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  • It gives a true, authentic look into this season of your life. I'm a big believer that we are right where we are supposed to be. Sometimes that season of life is messy, sometimes it's a little chaotic- but that doesn't make it any less worthy of documenting. These are the moments that make up our life, these are the memories that we will hold dear to our hearts in years to come. 
  • Sunset sessions in a field with everyone in coordinating outfits are beautiful, no one can deny that. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, they are worthy too! But if you're here, in my little space of the internet, then you're looking for something a bit more than generic fields. You're looking for something real, something heartfelt. Something that will tug at your heartstrings and make you "remember the days when..." You're here looking for meaning
  • You want no stress. I come to you and I take you as you are. I'm not there to judge you, I'm not there to make assumptions about your family or how you parent. I'm there to tell your story and to give voice to your family's experience and your daily life. You don't have to clean up or do anything special for me. This is life...and to me, that's beautiful. 

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what can you expect from your session?

  1. A day in the life session is typically 8 hours, so you need to choose which parts of the day you'd like to capture. The most popular time blocks are 8am-3pm to capture morning and afternoon/naptime routines, usually with an outing thrown in the mid morning area. Another popular time block is 11am-7pm. This give us an opportunity to document the after noon and evening routines, playing outside, etc. There's an option to add on extra hours of course, up to 12. 
  2. You can expect a pre-consulation. I love to hop on Zoom, Google Meet, or Facetime to do these. They last about 30 minutes and are very low key. I just want to chat with you about your vision and ask questions about your family.
  3. I'm doing all the things with you that your family does. If we are going to the beach, I'm along for the ride. Need to run to the store? Make room for me (seriously have room for me in the car because I'm riding as a passenger)! Are you planting flowers and mowing the lawn? I'm there for that too. Whatever your daily life looks like, that's what I'm doing. Whether you plan activities or have a quiet day at home is up to you- think about what story you want to tell. Don't forget, I'm here to help! I am happy to listen to your ideas and chat with you about them. 
  4. You can expect me to come into your home like an old family friend you haven't seen in a while. I want your kids to think of me as "the cool Aunt"! It won't be awkward (well, I'm awkward, but I like to think it's endearing and adorable) and I won't take a fly on the wall approach unless that's what you ask of me- but I won't manipulate a scene or tell anyone what to do or what not to do. Which leads me to my next point...
  5. I am not a babysitter. If you step out of the room your child is in while I'm still in there and they do something they aren't supposed to do, like color on the wall, I am not stopping them. I'm shooting through that moment and also through the moment you see the coloring on the wall. It may seem a little weird, but I promise that in years to come, you will love having these pictures. I will only intervene in situations where the child could harm themselves. 
  6. You can expect your gallery to be completed in 4-6 weeks after your session. You will receive an online, password protected gallery with your images for you to download. You can also expect a hardcover 8x8 keepsake photo book with images from your day about 6 weeks after your session. (Due to COVID, I can't guarantee production or shipping times, but I do promise to keep you informed!) 

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Does this sound like something you would love to be a part of? I am happy to talk to you about it and answer any questions you may have, seriously! This stuff is so freaking exciting to me! You can reach out here on the Contact tab , that's the fastest way to get a hold of me.

If I've learned anything in the past year, it's been this: life is too short and too precious to miss out on documenting these memories. Invest in them.