Summer is the perfect time for family photos.

I am a huge advocate for not waiting for a special or specific occasion to have family photos done. I know a lot of people wait until Fall- and that's totally okay- but I'm a big believer that life happens every single day. Even on rainy days. Even on bad days. Even when life is tough. Even in the winter. Even on the best days. Even on the most chill and ordinary of days. 

But here's the thing- and I know parents can really relate to me here- it's like you blink and all the sudden it's 10 years later. You blink and your kids are almost as tall as you. 

There's no bad time to take pictures, but, I love summer photo sessions. 

​And here's why.

girls swimming under water at sandbridge beach vacation home in virginia

summer is a vibe.

Summer has a vibe all on its own. The hot sun can make us want to bask in it. It makes us want to go outside. In the heat of the day, there's nothing better than a hammock in the shade, am I right? Music seems to be everywhere. The food feels fresh and flavorful and vibrant. People are more relaxed. We're more likely to say "yes" to outdoor activities. In summer it's okay to be in your swimsuit and barefoot all day if you want.

It's gloriously hot. The opportunities are endless. There is an underlying excitement, especially with children because it's summer.

It's perfection. 

There are so many opportunities to hang out, connect, and be with each other. 

girl laying in the grass in backyard in chesapeake, virginia

Family vacations.

Summer is when a lot of families choose to take summer vacations. Headed down to the beach to do all the fun summer things. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins sometimes come too! There's not many times in the year when the whole family gets together (without the stress of prepping a big meal, keeping a schedule, etc) and summertime is it! 

Sometimes families even choose to do staycations and be tourists in their own cities. There are so many adventures to be had- even in your own backyard. It'd be a shame not to have pictures of such a wonderful memory. 

teens in a hot tub texting at vacation home in sandbridge beach, virginia

summer memories are core memories.

Summer is magical. Summers are instantly nostalgic. Summer is the prime time to create those "core memories" of our childhood. Why is that? I think it just is simply because summer is full of magic and wonder and possibilities. 

If I knew back then what I know now, I would take so many more photos. Our family would rent this condo/apartment about a block from the beach every summer. There was about 4 units and then the unit that the owners lived it. I will never forget them, they were staples in my childhood/preteen summer memories. I wish I could have more photos of that place. Of me as a pre-teen there. Of me walking down the block to the payphone to call my friends back home. Of me sitting on the sundeck with my boombox listening to all the best "coolest" music. Drinking a coke while my Dad and Uncle grilled steaks. Playing shuffleboard with my cousin. I would want pictures of us carrying all our stuff to the beach. I would want more pictures of us hanging out in the living room of that condo. 

I think about those summers all the time. 

scattered photographs on the table

The picture of me as a young teen and my tween bestie sitting on the bed is from that vacation referenced above. Actually the photo right next to it is of my mom and her bestie in the living room of that condo from that same vacation. Circa early 2000s.

So what do ya say? Want to schedule a summer Storytelling Session for your family? Or even a Day in the Life Session? Let's do it! 

Contact me for more information here or at the Contact tab above. I'll send you a no-pressure guide (seriously, because I really, really hate that!) with a little bit about what I do and how the process works.