Hey mama, let's catch some memories and tuck them deep in our hearts, okay?

You may be wondering what's it like to work with me and what that experience is like? I'm a big fan of lists, so I am putting together a start-to-finish list for you that takes you through the whole process!

girl riding bike on porch with another child's hand on the right side of the frame

Here's how it works:

The experience

  • First, you inquire about a session (the Contact tab is the best way) with me and I send you my Client Welcome Guide. 
  • Then, we choose a date, place, and time for your session.
  • I send you a contract and a retainer invoice. (sidenote: both of these are easily done on your phone!) After these are completed, your session is officially booked!
  • We have the session and it's a super good time!
  • Within a few days, you have a sneak peek to gush about over on my blog! You may even see an image or 2 pop up on my social media accounts in the days following that.
  • Next, you receive your online gallery of images from your session within the time frame promised (most sessions are 2-3 weeks, although Day in the Life Sessions take a bit longer. This timeframe is always discussed and communicated beforehand.)
  • You download and back up your images, and then share with family and loved ones!
  • Finally, if your session included prints or products, you will be hand delivered those items in the following weeks. (design time and lab production take a bit longer and can vary. )

boy with boxer dog on worn deck by the river in chesapeake, virginia family photography

Frequently asked questions:

  • What does a session with you cost? My Sessions begin at $599.

  • What type of photography do you do? I specialize in something called documentary photography. It basically is shooting all of the unscripted, real life moments. Kind of like a photojournalist on assignment....but my assignment is your family. I am aiming to tell the story of your family through my images alone. I love working with families in all seasons of life from pregnancy, to newborns, to teenagers and beyond. If it's family centered, then that's my jam!  

  • What happens if my kids act ridiculous during our session? I smile every time I get this question! There are very, very few times when this causes an issue and I've never had it ruin a session- so let that ease your worries right now! My sessions are different because I'm not asking you to smile and look at the camera. I'm not asking you to act happy in an overgrown field at golden hour. I'm just with you, meeting you right where you are, in the comfort of your own home. And if we choose to go somewhere and shoot outside the home, it's still a very relaxed session. I'm there to capture how you interact together, not necessarily how you look at the camera and smile (although that does tend to happen organically!). When there is a sense of stress, your kids feel it. And my sessions are zero stress. Just remember, this is documentary photography- we don't need them to look at the camera and smile, we just need them to be.


  • How do I pay for my session? I prefer to do everything via PayPal, but I take cash as well.


  • My house is messy and small. Oh man, I could talk for days on this topic. Just know this, your house is fine. You are perfect. Your home is made up of more things that just the 4 walls that actually make it. Home is a feeling just as much as it is a physical place. I can assure you that in several years time, you'll look back on that place with fondness, not so much because of how it was, but because of the time you spent there. It was a part of your life, the backdrop to your story. It helped in many ways to define a season of your life, even if you were only renting it. I think you'll look back on it with the upmost nostalgia and sentimental ponderings...not with strife over the clean clothes pile or the dishes in the sink. And besides, I'm not there to photograph the clutter, I'm there to photograph you. But to make you feel better, head over to my Instagram, I am always showing my real life in the stories! You are not alone! 

  • Are you okay with pets? Uh, yes. A resounding yes. I am an animal lover and I love when families include their furry (or scaly!) best friends! 

  • Does our session have to be at home? No. Life exists outside of the home and I'm here to document it, however that looks. Your sessions do not have to be at home and I am along for the adventure. Here's a few things to keep in mind though. First, if it requires an admission price, you are responsible for mine. Second, some places require a permit which usually includes a lengthy application and fee- I need to be aware of where we are going to make sure that we are in accordance with their rules and regulations. And, you'll be responsible for that permit fee as well. Otherwise, I go where you go! Let's do this and make sure it includes good food! ha! Also, think about your backyard and neighborhood too. The whole session doesn't necessarily have to be in your home. 

mom kissing son on the cheek while holding him at the playground

Susan R.

Not only is Jess an amazing person (so chill and down to earth), her photography skill are THE best. Every picture brought happy tears. She truly captured my family.

toddler grabbing mom's face during family game night at their home

Pam B.

There is nothing awkward of stuffy about her time spent with you. It is easy and seamless and fun! She molds right into the setting, while also becoming part of the family! Her work tells a story, YOUR story!

cousins building a fort on the bed at their vacation home in sandbridge beach, virginia

Michelle P.

I booked Jess for a Day in the Life session and could not be happier with the day and the memories she captured for us. Jess really knows how to capture the ordinary and make it extraordinary.