Jess caught the most special moments with my boys and me. She really saw US in the way that I do. I can't explain what an amazing job she does in making us all feel comfortable and creating the most beautiful images.

— Audra J.

Photography for Coastal Virginia and Outer Banks Families that feels real.

Hey Mama, have you ever had some family photos done and felt like they were a little too perfect? And maybe it felt as if they didn't truly reflect your family? Maybe like they were a little...generic? Yeah, I take a much different approach whether it's in home or on location and generic is just not how I roll.

Wanna know a secret about me? Small talk makes me incredibly uneasy. I don't want to talk about the weather. I want to talk about things that matter, what excites you, your most cherished memories, why you love the folks you love. I wanna get straight to the point.

My main mission is to show your family in an artfully honest way, because perfect is boring...but I do believe your ordinary ol' life is awesome just the way it is and that it's totally okay to look at motherhood through rose colored glasses and romanticize the crap out of your life.

I mean...I do.

Food for thought: consider booking a Day in the Life Session for a truly unique photographic experience!

tattooed mom holding baby in her arms in her home in virginia beach, day in the life photography

Imagine pushing pause on a single day in your life...

What would that look like for you? Think about what days you love the most, what type of days fill you with the most joy. Is it the cozy ones at home? Or the ones where you are out on an adventure? Is it doing errands around town (the fun ones of course!)? Whichever of those days give you the feels, that's what I want to document for you. That's what I want you to push pause on.

I know that motherhood often comes with an immense invisible load. I see you, mama. I want to shoot for you in the same exact way I would approach photographing my own family, without bias or restraint, just making art from your ordinary moments. It's a powerful thing when you can just hand that load over to me.

I'm inviting you to take a step back, slow down, push pause, and be intentional with your time for just a little bit with me.
girl holding pillow with sunlight on her face virginia beach, virginia
dad holding daughter at the family home at the eastern shore, virginia
kids watching dad fix car in driveway  norfolk, virginia photographer day in the life
children getting ready for dinner at the family home on the eastern shore, virginia
kids playing in the backyard with a bucket of water in portsmouth, virginia
kid playing with waterhose in backyard portsmouth, virginia
girl whispering to her mom at the kitchen table in portsmouth, virginia
boy wearing helmet with aunt on motorbike family photography eastern shore, virginia
girl asleep on her butterfly pillow in portsmouth, virginia
mom carrying daughter on her back in virginia beach, virginia
detail shot of curls on toddler's head virginia beach, virginia
grandfather holding granddaughter on the boat on the chesapeake bay family photography
boy looking out of the window with binoculars towards the beach at the outer banks, north carolina
dad playing with toddler in the pool at the vacation home on the eastern shore
sisters sitting on the porch of their grandparents home in virginia eastern shore

Investment & Details

a couple hugging and laughing together in their backyard in chesapeake, virginia

The Family Storytelling Session

Family Storytelling Sessions are perfect for families who are not yet ready to plunge headfirst into a full Day in the Life Session. This 90-minute session gives you an easy breezy glimpse into a small portion of your day. These sessions include an online, password protected gallery with 30-40 images for you to download and a set of 10 beautiful 5x7 prints for you to keep or share with loved ones.  


The Day in the life session (most popular!)

These sessions are for families who want to document a day in their lives. We can stay at home all day, go out on an adventure, or anything in between. They are 8 hours long, with the option to add additional hours. This session includes an online gallery of 100+ images from your day and a 8x8 hardcover keepsake photobook.  


half day in the life session

These sessions are the perfect in between of 90-minute Family Storytelling Sessions and full Day in the Life Sessions. The Half Day in the Life Sessions are 4 hours long and include an online gallery of 60+ images. However, these sessions do not include a keepsake photobook.


why choose a family session with me?

  • This will be the easiest photo session of your life. I come and hang out with your family for the day or afternoon, however long you choose. It's a no pressure, no stress atmosphere- that way you get those amazing images that truly show your family's personality. Even the self proclaimed "photo haters" have a much easier time! And hey, you don't have to drag your toddlers to a sunset session after bedtime and expect them to act right! Haha, that sounds like a recipe for disaster!
  • My unique style and point of view can help you tell your family's story, but also document some really precious key moments in time. After all, I'm shooting from the perspective of a mother.
  • I aim to capture the moments that really matter- even the messy ones, the ones that in 20 years are going to take your breath away and leave you with the sweetest nostalgia.
  • PS- if you need a flexible payment plan, please let me know, I'm happy to help!