navy military homecoming couple wins first kiss and news crews take photos at norfolk virginia base

Hampton Roads Military Homecoming Photographer

intentionally documenting your best day ever
family holding and waving flags as they welcome home a ship in norfolk, virginia

Hampton Roads Military Homecomings

joyfully Documenting hearts being made whole again
wife waiting for husband on oceana base in virginia beach, virginia military homecoming

Hampton Roads Military Homecoming Photographer

there's no place like home

a coming home story.

For military families, all days lead up to this one moment. This one cathartic moment in time where a heart that has been incomplete finally finds that missing piece again. That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach is finally gone...replaced by butterflies and joy. That moment when you finally release the breath you didn't know you were holding. That moment where walking simply won't do. Running towards an embrace that has been completely unreachable for so long. Words are just...inadequate.

That's where I come in. I capture the story of your day in the still frame of a photograph. They say one picture is worth a thousand words, so let it speak.

These words come from the heart. As a military spouse, I know exactly where you are and what these past months have been like for you. I know the importance of this day and how you've waited for this moment. Thank you for your never-ending sacrifice to our country, thank you for being selfless for my freedom.

Homecomings require as much advance notice as possible to be able to accommodate.

For families that find homecoming to be a bit overwhelming, but still want to capture the joy of the reunion...

Military homecomings can be overwhelming. I know because I've been there myself and I have been with so many families documenting their homecoming too. For families that need a simpler, quieter homecoming, I am happy to accommodate that as well. Even if it's a few days after your service member gets home. Please reach out to me here for these special sessions and let's talk about what type of session is right for your family.

Military Homecomings

On Base & At Home

Military Homecomings are priced all inclusively whether we are on base or at your home, as hours and time spent photographing can vary. The session includes an online gallery of 30+ images and a set of 10 beautiful 5x7 prints for you to keep and display or share with loved ones.

"Jess was our photographer for a Naval aircraft carrier homecoming and she was absolutely amazing!!! She captured so many wonderful candid moments that I didn't even see until I got my pictures back!! Our family experience with her created great memories!! We have moved out of the area but if we came back she would be my 1st and only choice for a photographer!!" - Mandi C.