Why do Family photos matter?

Picture this scenario:

You are in the midst of experiencing your idea of a perfect day. (keep in mind that this looks different for everyone)

Maybe you're hanging out at home and cooking together, maybe you're at the beach reading and your kids are happily playing, maybe you're taking a little hike, maybe you're camping. maybe you're doing a family activity, maybe your day is full of kids activities and sports, maybe you're running around town doing errands and stopping for a scoop of your favorite handmade ice cream. 

Whatever you're doing, you find yourself thinking, " I wish I could bottle this feeling up forever". 

family hanging out in living room of home in portsmouth, virginia

what if i told you that's exactly what i do for families?

What if I told you that "bottling up this feeling so that you can relive it again and again" is exactly what I do for a living?

Well, that's exactly what I do and let's not forget that because I'm the one behind the camera, it means YOU are in front of it with your kids. You exist with them and you deserve to be photographed too. You deserve to be seen. 

mom holding newborn baby in kitchen with big sister hugging them both in chesapeake, virginia

I come to you and document your days- the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the quiet, the loud- so that you can savor them again and again until the day you leave this Earth. 

And then your children will hold onto those memories. 

And then your grandchildren can understand what was important to you. 

And then your great grandchildren and great great grandchildren will get a sense of who their ancestors were and where they came from. 

They will feel a sense of connection to the past and find a belonging. 

​All from a few photographs. 

mom carrying a baby while walking beside a ship in norfolk, virginia

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