beaches in hampton roads, virginia

Here in Hampton Roads, we've got so much to offer! We've got fun things to do, indoor things, outdoor things, the music scene is awesome, great restaurants, beautiful parks, museums, playgrounds, and so much more! Honestly, our family is never bored. There's always something to do- especially in summer. Hampton Roads comes ALIVE in the summer months. Every day of the week there is something to do, somewhere.

And if you've got kids, then you are definitely going to want to check out my blog post with fun, free things to do in Hampton Roads and there's also another one with family-friendly activities, but the activities aren't necessarily free (but still awesome!). And because we're on the subject, here's another one with a summer bucket list that's kid AND teen approved that doesn't suck.

Sandbridge beach, virginia beach

Home to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and False Cape State Park, this beautiful stretch of beach is a wonderful place to vacation. You can kayak, swim, hike, explore, fish, paddleboard, and more here. If you love big waves and open ocean, this is the beach for you. I love the small town vibe here, there's not a ton of restaurants or shops, it just feels a bit nostalgic and sort of has an Outer Banks vibe- lots of golf carts and bikes here. Every now and then you can see wild horses too!

sandbridge beach in virginia beach, virginia family photography

Virginia Beach Oceanfront

This beach is the liveliest beach of them all! With it's amazing views and the 3 mile boardwalk, restaurants, shops, vendors, and entertainment- it's loved by tourists and locals alike. There is never a dull moment in this resort area. There's usually some sort of live music always happening, huge festivals are hosted here, and there are public restrooms/showers available too. You can also rent bikes to ride up and down the boardwalk, or bring your own (skates, skateboards, scooters too!). I love that there are lifeguards monitoring as well. Parking garages are everywhere, so finding somewhere to park usually isn't an issue. It's so easy to spend a whole day here because there is so much to see and do!

chesapeake beach aka chic's beach

Chic's beach is a local favorite! It's calm, mostly residential, and has little to no waves. The shallow waters are a favorite for families-(and personally, I prefer the warmer water temps!)! There's not a lot of restaurants nearby, so make sure you pack some snacks and a good lunch. Parking can be an issue here, it's good to get to the beach early! There are no public restrooms or showers. It's far away from the touristy Oceanfront area, so it's very relaxing.

Fort Story Beach and cape henry lighthouse in Virginia Beach, Virginia at sunset

Oceanview beach- norfolk, virginia

This beach is located in Norfolk and is really suited well to gatherings, activities, and festivals. It has lifeguards, a boardwalk, a handicap access ramp, and lots of open green areas to hang out in or have a picnic without all the sand! Its waters are relatively calm. Summer weekends are really great here because they host bands, musical acts, and outdoor movies. It's a very family friendly atmosphere.

fort monroe & outlook beach- hampton, virginia

Fort Monroe is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Hampton Roads. For your history lovers, this is a must see. The fort is truly an amazing backdrop to the beach. The Casemate Museum is a must see! There is a great boardwalk along the beach, lots of parking, and I have found the beach sand a little more packed- therefore it's easier to get around in. Lifeguards are stationed there throughout the summer and the water is shallow- really great for families. There's not a lot of restaurants and shops there, so make sure to pack what you need for a fun filled day. My kids love finding crabs here!

other local areas to check out

There are other local areas to check out that- there's no way I can list everything that Hampton Roads has to offer here. There's just too much! If you are looking for something to do or are here visiting on vacation, I would make sure to consider these options as well: First Landing State Park (small entry fee, but great handicap accessible beach and lots of hiking trails!), Yorktown Beach in historic Yorktown, Virginia (you can easily spend an entire weekend in the Historic Triangle of Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Jamestown!), and if you are military connected- the local bases, like Fort Story, offer really fantastic beaches as well!