Yorktown, Virginia

I was called by a family, located in the beautiful and historic city of Yorktown, Virginia, to come and do an in-home newborn session. They already were blessed with three other children, so this fourth little babe was welcomed by many. So, the story here is a bit different than other newborn sessions, right? It's about this baby being welcomed into the world by siblings and how she will make her own place in the family. It's about the sibling's joy to have a new sister just as much as it is about Mama and Dad. 

It was such a comforting home. It was the kind of home you come into and feel immediately welcomed in.  

I really love that. 

mom holding newborn while big sister looks on from the side in yorktown, virginia home

Newborn cat naps

Isn't it funny how amidst so much action that Baby can just lay there in her bassinet or in the arms of Mama or Dad and just sleep so blissfully? Don't you just love that? Baby had all these sisters fussing over her and she was sleeping just as peacefully as ever. It reminds me of when I had my 3rd, that baby was constantly on the go with 2 older siblings, especially during their sports season. He learned to sleep anywhere!

newborn baby laying in bassinet taking a nap during an in home newborn session in yorktown, virginia

Motherhood is a wild ride.

Don't you think? It's so many sleepless nights. It can get down to just pure exhaustion. But gosh, if it isn't the most fulfilling thing. It's such important work. And you know how the old saying goes, babies don't keep. They change and they grow every single day- it's mind blowing how much they change every day. As much as I want to document the new life, I also want to show Mama, just right in her element, doing her thing. We mothers are growing and learning too, ya know.

dad's hand and newborn baby's hand as dad holds baby yorktown, virginia baby photos

Thinking about your own session?

How can I help you tell your story? What is it you want to share? The first few days of a new life? Or a beautifully chaotic every day story? Whatever is on your heart, I want to know about it. We can talk and discover what's right for your family. Send me a message here and we will start the conversation.