So, I have a little story to tell you...

I got traditional newborn portraits in a studio with my first born child. We went all out, the whole she-bang. The cute headbands, the blankets, the baskets, the little outfits... everything. I searched high and low for my photographer and she was really amazing, so, so kind. She was very well trained and a true professional in every sense of the word. I am proud of the photographs that she made for us, I love them and they are certainly cherished.

But that moment sparked something in me.

Looking back, I'm like 100% sure that I had PPD. I was anxious and scared of everything. I had to watch my daughter breathe and forget anyone else holding her besides me or my husband. I was struggling to nurse, I was cracked and bleeding, it was extremely painful. I wasn't sleeping. I was going through all the postpartum hormones. Plus trying to pump, rather unsuccessfully.

So, with that in mind, I had a practical stranger handling my baby, I had forgotten the bottle needed for the formula I had brought my baby and I could barely nurse her, it was hot AF in the studio, I was 5 days postpartum (and I had a terrible labor and delivery- very traumatic!) and feeling all the feels, and I was just feeling like I was supposed to be beautiful in front of the camera and look calm and peaceful.

I felt like I needed to get out of there ASAP or I was going to scream. The anxiety was just building and I called the session early.

I said we were done.

I said we were leaving.

Get the group shot quickly, because I was done.

I just wanted to go home.

I need to stress that this had nothing to do with the photographer- she was great, amazing even. This was ALL me.

I love the photographs, they are so special to me. But there was (and still is) a level of disconnect there with them.

newborn baby girl on handmade blanket with hand above her head in hampton, virginia in home newborn session

But this experience sparked something in me...

I knew that if I were to take my hobby to the next level, I would do it differently. You see, I've always had a camera in my hand. I've always been the one obsessed with pictures and memories. I've always had this stirring deep in my soul when I knew that beautiful little moments were happening. It wasn't until about a year later I decided I wanted to take my hobby to the next level with the goal of pursuing a business.

I knew that I wanted to do things differently. So, that's what I did.

My newborn sessions are done a little differently...okay a lot differently.

My sessions are postpartum friendly.

You don't want to get out of bed for your session? Okay, cool, I can do everything I need to do.

Wanna strap your baby on your chest and walk around the block? I love walking.

Did baby decide it was time to eat during the session? No worries, I'll work through that too, afterall, it's an integral part of motherhood.

Is baby fussy and needs Mama? Perfect! I love to photograph cuddles.

Got heaps of kiddos running around? I love a little chaos!

We can go at your pace.

You session should honor your journey to motherhood. It should look like you and feel like you.

mom and dad burping newborn twins with big sister in the foreground in chesapeake, virginia home

I made my sessions different...

I created something that is timeless, yet nostalgic.

I created something beautiful, yet easy.

I created something stress free, yet meaningful.

I created an experience full of intention, that honestly makes a record of your journey to motherhood.

Does this sound like I took a page straight from your own book? If it does, I would love to chat with you and figure out what it is exactly you want from your newborn or maternity photos. Send me an email and let's get this conversation started!