How to prep for your in home, documentary style newborn session

It's a common thing for me to hear about how nervous you are to have photos done in your home. I think social media plays so much into this because we are constantly bombarded with the highlights of other people's lives, not necessarily the real deal. But that's another post for another day. 

This post is to tell you how to prep for your in-home, documentary style newborn session...which honestly isn't much. It's more mental preparedness than anything!

newborn baby in diaper with umbilical stump attached hampton, virginia in home newborn session

The first thing you need to know is that it's easy. like, really easy.

After you have a baby, speaking from my own experience, the last thing you want to do is go somewhere. No matter how your baby came into this world, having a newborn is absolutely exhausting. So, with an in-home newborn session, you don't have to do anything or go anywhere. I come to you and I meet you just as you are. 

twin newborn babies being fed by parents on the couch in home newborn session chesapeake, virginia

i don't care about your mess.

I'm not there to photograph your mess. I will photograph things as it pertains to the story, but I'm not there to shame you or judge you. When you're sleep deprived from keeping a little human alive, happy, and fed- things can get a little messy and that's okay. That's real life and it's all a part of the journey we are on. Don't worry about cleaning up too much, just focus on you and your baby. 

you can carry on with your daily life.

You can lay around nursing your babe, pumping, or cleaning bottles. You can fold laundry. You can cuddle your baby. You can play with your other kiddos while baby naps. We're after the organic goodness here, not necessarily the perfectly posed photographs (although I do a few of those at the end!)

mom sitting on bed with newborn baby and dog in suffolk, virginia home

What do you want your photos to say?

Think about yourself in 5 years when baby is starting kindergarten. In 18 years when they graduate. In 30 years when they have a baby of their own. What do you want your photographs to say? To yourself? To your child? To future generations? 

Think about that and whatever tugs at your heartstrings, that's what we'll do. 

think about how much skin you want to show.

Are you comfortable with skin to skin photos? Nursing? Do you want your stretch marks photographed? Do you want the real and raw of motherhood photographed (think mesh panties, pumping/nursing, etc.)? I think these hard moments are worthy and valid and beautiful. Let's talk about it beforehand and see how you feel. 

See? Most of it isn't stuff you have to physically do

It's just things you need to think about and mentally prep for. 

I'm here to serve you and to help give you something tangible to hold onto in this incredibly brief, yet paramount season of life. 

Wanna get booked in for yourself? Send me a message here and we will get you all taken care of!

mother feeding her baby and making direct eye contact with camera in suffolk, virginia in home newborn session